We have received many questions about how the champions are determined and who may participate in the championships. Below are answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received.

Q: What are the championships?
A: The championships are the final meet of the season where many of the champions will ultimately be decided. This includes team champions and individual champions.
Q: Who may compete in the championships?  
A: Any athlete who registered for the Columbus League and competed in one of the first four meets may compete in the championships.
Q: How are individual champions determined?  
A: Individual champions are determined based upon results in a specific age group and gender from all five meets during the season, including the championship meet. Athletes are awarded 10 points for each first place finish; 6 points for each second place finish; five points for each third place finish; four points for each fourth place finish; and three points for each fifth place finish.
For example, if Teddy Bahr finished first (10 points), third (5 points), eighth (0 points) and second (6 points) in the boys 9-10 long jump, but did not attend the championships (0 points), he has earned 21 points for the season.
The athlete with the most points at the end of the season is champion.
Q: How are team champions determined?
A: Team champions are determined by totaling all of the points earned by all of a team’s athletes over all five meets for each gender.  The team with the most points among boys is boys champion; the team with the most points among girls is girls champion.
Q: Why are we using points instead of finishing place to determine champions?
A: We decided to award points across all five meets to encourage consistency and repeat participation.  We also wanted to discourage individuals coming for only the last meet of the season in order to win a championship.
Q: Are there awards for champions?
A: Yes. For individuals, medals are awarded to the top 3 finishers in each age group and gender. A total of 270 individual medals will be awarded.
For teams, trophies are awarded to the top 3 teams in both the boys and girls genders.
Q: When will the awards be granted?
A: Awards will be granted after championship meet results are made official, approximately one week after the championship meet.
Q: Why will it take so long to grant awards?
A: Because I am old, slow and not terribly bright.