Between COVID-related shut downs and COVID-related restrictions, finding a safe location to conduct Micro Meets for the Columbus League's 2021 season was a real challenge. Because schools have been closed, all public school tracks have been unavailable. Similarly, the few private school facilities have either been shut down or reserved for only the athletes at that specific school. In addition, on the occasions where we’ve discussed using a traditional track, finding a way to abide by COVID social distancing restrictions when lanes are only 42 inches wide was been extremely difficult.
Enter Congressional Polo Club. A large 30 acre facility in western Montgomery County, the Polo club has multiple long, grassy well-groomed polo fields that make social distancing easier. At 300 yards by 150 yards, a single polo field can serve events as long as 400 meters without the risk of athletes lapping each other. In addition, six athletes can compete in 6+ feet wide lanes, keeping them separated as they participate.
The Congressional Polo Club’s private ownership made it possible to book the facility when so many others were closed. Plus, the Congressional Polo Club’s gracious staff helped the Columbus League to negotiate an agreement that limited our risk should strict COVID restrictions return.
Our thanks to the Congressional Polo Club for making this season possible. It wouldn’t have happened without you!