The Columbus League is proud to announce a limited 2021 season schedule that aligns with COVID restrictions and protocols, as follows:

On each date, Columbus League plans to schedule up to six Micro Meets -- short, small meets where athletes compete in pods of up to six athletes and up to five events. On each date, Micro Meets tentatively slated to follow this schedule:

Micro Meet A = 1100AM-1200PM
Micro Meet B = 1215PM-115PM
Micro Meet C = 130PM-230PM
Mid-day break for volunteers (230PM-315PM)
Micro Meet D = 315PM-415PM
Micro Meet E = 430PM-530PM
Micro Meet F = 545PM-700PM
Your Micro Meet participation will depend upon the Micro Meet assigned to you during registration. Please check registration details sent to you prior to the start of the season.
Events are slated to include the javelin, the shot put, the 100 meters, the 200 meters and the 400 meters. In addition, we are exploring additional and alternate events.

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